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Medisynth Pilen Cream (20g)

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Pilen cream helps in relieving piles, itching and redness, heals cracked skin


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Also known as
Pile, pile crem


About Medisynth Pilen Cream
This combination has proved to be effective in Haemorrhoids of any kind whether internal or External, Bleeding or Non-bleeding. It helps to relieve agonizing pains and to shrink Haemorrhoids. Its beneficial effect checks Constipation and gives Regular Movement to the Bowels.

Benefits of Medisynth Pilen Cream
Calcarea Fluorica : Itching of anus. Fissure of the anus, and intensely sore crack near the lower end of the bowel. Bleeding haemorrhoids.
Hamamelis Virginica : Haemorrhoids with soreness of the affected parts. Haemorrhoids bleeding profusely with soreness of anus. Pulsation in rectum.
Aesculus Hippocastanum : Dryness and burning of external hemorrhoidal mucosa (dark red prolapsing hemorrhoids). Dull pains in sacral region, venous stasis.
Ingredients of Medisynth Pilen Cream
Aesculus Hippocastanum Q
Calcarea Fluorica 3x
Hamamelis Virginica Q
How to use Medisynth Pilen Cream
Apply locally twice a day.
Terms and Conditions
We have assumed that you have consulted a physician before purchasing this medicine and are not self medicating.

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Weight 32 g
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