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SBL Drops No 7 Sinusitis (30ml)

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For Sinusitis, Blocked Nose, Stuffed Nose, Headache


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SBL drop no 7
Sinuses have the same mucous membrane lining as the nose. Sinusitis is an inflammation of the paranasal sinuses. The inflammation could be caused by a virus, bacteria, or fungus. The infection may also be the result of an allergic or autoimmune reaction – when the immune system attacks healthy cells.

Indications of SBL drop no 7
Inflammation of the nose and catarrh
Swelling over the face, because of Inflammed sinus.
Recurrent sneezing and stuffed nose.
Action of Ingredients in SBL drop no 7
Hydrastis Canadensis 3x: Thick, tenacious secretion from posterior nares to throat. Watery, excoriating discharge. Dull, pressing frontal pain, Myalgic pain in scalp and muscles of neck, Sinusitis, after coryza.

Pulsatilla nigricans 3x: Coryza; stoppage of right nostril, pressing pain at root of nose. Stoppage in evening.

Lemna minor 3x: Crusts and muco-purulent discharge very abundant. Post-nasal dropping.

Sanguinaria Canadensis 3x: Chronic rhinitis; membrane dry and congested.Burning sensations, like from hot water.

Dosage of SBL drop no 7
10-15 drops in 1/4th cup of water 3-4 times a day.

Terms and Conditions
We have assumed that you have consulted a physician before purchasing this medicine and are not self medicating.

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