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RHC Nasha Mukti (Alco) Powder

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नशा मुक्ति (एल्को) पाउडर :- For Simple Ayurvedic treatment of alcohol de-addiction use Nasha Mukti (Alco)


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Highly Beneficial in Alcohol De-Addiction
Helps Quit Alcohol Gradually by eliminating
all craving for Alcohol. Prevents Liver
Damage Due to alcoholism. No withdrawal
symptoms and No side effects.
DOSAGE: One sachet to be mixed with
daal,Curry, or anyother food once a day or
as directed by physician
एक पाउट को खोलकर दाल, करी, या अन्य किसी भोज्य
पदार्थ में मिलाकर रोजाना लें या चिकित्सक के निर्देशानसार


Each : 500 mg
Swaran makshik : 10mg
Moti Pishti : 05mg
Chandi Bhasm : 05mg
Amchoor : 50mg
Amlavet : 50mg
Sudha Kuchla : 05mg
Imli : 20mg
Sitopladi churan : 250mg
Jyotismati : 10mg
kutai : 05mg
Halu : 10mg
Sun Flower : 20mg
Tulsi : 50mg
Chat Khataai : 10mg


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