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Hamdard Habbe Jawahar (10tab)

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Useful in heart weakness.Gives strength to brain and liver


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Hamdard Habb-E-Jawahar

Hamdard Habb e Jawahar. हमदर्द हब्बे जवाहर

Habbe Jawahar. हब्बे जवाहर
These pills strengthen the heart, brain and liver, maintain body vigour and act as an effective tonic in regaining vitality during convalescence.
Dosage: One pill, to be taken on empty stomach after mixing with 5 gm of Dawaulmisk Motadil

Indication of Habbe Jawahar

  • Useful in heart weakness
  • Gives strength to brain and liver
  • Maintain optimal level heat of body
  • Removes general debility and Convalescence

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