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Eosinum (EOSIN) 30CH (30ml)

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Medicine is considered especially beneficial in removing cancer and all types of joint swelling.


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Bio India Eosinum (EOSIN) 30CH (30ml)

इयोसिन, इयोसि (EOSIN)
इयोसिन औषधि का प्रयोग अनेक प्रकार के रोगों को ठीक करने में लाभकारी है परन्तु यह औषधि विशेष रूप से कैंसर तथा सभी प्रकार के जोड़ों की सूजन को दूर करने में अधिक लाभकारी माना गया है।

Use of Eosin medicine is beneficial in curing many types of diseases, but this medicine is especially considered more beneficial in removing cancer and all types of joint swelling.
Use of Eosin medicine based on the symptoms of different body parts-
Symptoms related to external organs:-
In case of burning sensation under the fingers and toes, using Eosin medicine is beneficial.
This medicine relieves itching and redness in the bones covering the knees and redness in the palms etc.
Symptoms related to tongue:-
If a patient’s tongue has become red and there is burning sensation and numbness in it, then Eosin medicine should be given to the patient.
Skin related symptoms:-
Eosin medicine is used to cure irritation in various parts of the skin and wounds formed on the skin after scratching.

    दवा लेने का तरीका:

1/4 कप पानी में 5 बूँदें दिन में तीन बार लें।

Method of taking medicine:
Take 5 drops in 1/4 cup of water three times a day.


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