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Adel Pekana Adel 36 (Pollon) (20ml)

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For Premature old age in young persons; failing erection when attempting coition; feeble erection; premature emissions; emission at night; involuntary emissions during stools or while urinating; emissions without erections; consequences of self-abuse (masturbation).
युवा व्यक्तियों में समय से पहले बुढ़ापे के लिए; सहवास का प्रयास करते समय असफलता; कमजोर निर्माण; समय से पहले उत्सर्जन; रात में उत्सर्जन; मल के दौरान या पेशाब करते समय अनैच्छिक उत्सर्जन; इरेक्शन के बिना उत्सर्जन; आत्म-दुरुपयोग (हस्तमैथुन) के परिणाम।


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Acidum phosphoricum 6X, Caladium seguinum 6X, Conium 6X, Nuphar lutea 6X, Pausinystalia 12X, Piper methysticum 8X, Staphysagria 6X.

Acidum phosphoricum is especially useful in nervous weakness resulting from long continued sexual aberrations. It is the chief remedy for spermatorrhoea and sexual neurasthenia. Its action includes nervousness of the heart as well.

Caladium seguinum is applied for impaired potency accompanied by insufficient erection and sexual overexcitability.

Conium maculatum is controlled by nervous exhaustion, which relieves nightly emissions and controls conditions leading to premature ejaculation. Loss of semen through nightly emissions or emissions without erection is always due to sensations in the head and to mood depressions.

Nuphar lutea through its action smooth muscles of the blood vessels arranges for more blood supply to the sexual organ, thereby relieving the disparity between the sexual desire and corresponding erection.

Pausinystalia is a psycho-active plant. The psycho-active substance Yohimbin contained therein has an aphrodisiac effect to the sexual organs. Yohimbin stimulates the blood circulation in the groin and lowers the blood pressure. On the one hand it is supposed to increase the libido, on the other hand remedy impaired erections of organic causes.

Piper methysticum changes bad moods resulting from psychic situations and physical weakness and removes all irritations from the sexual sphere, so that the total effect of POLLON is strengthened in a positive manner.

Constant dwelling on sexual thoughts with ruined nerves, combined with self-abuse and spermatorrhoea creates such a confusion of mind and of mood that it compels the individual to again indulge in self-abuse. This results in further weakness, backache and ill-humour. This vicious circle is broken by Staphysagria.

RECOMMENDED DOSAGE (Unless otherwise prescribed)
Adults – 15-20 drops, 3 times a day in 1/4 Cup of water.

Terms and Conditions
We have assumed that you have consulted a physician before purchasing this medicine and are not self medicating.

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